visuel des corbeilles Dahlia et Lilas conçues et fabriquées par Aréa mobilier urbain

Enriching the urban experience with the ambition to improve daily life in the public space is Aréa's purpose since its creation in 1987.

No designer, no manufacturer, no publisher, our curiosity led us to become a designer of street furniture solutions. We tirelessly observe people, the city and its uses with a structuring conviction: the only social network of the future is called the human being.

Without a priori or dogma, we create with the leitmotif of democratic design, aesthetic and functional furniture within everyone's reach.

After having drawn, prototyped, tested, modified, and fully manufactured our products, we distribute them with the same simple and exemplary requirement: no stock, no intermediary and price transparency.

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Roundly and Squarely

Since its creation AREA has focused on outlines and this quote has been leading our work until now. The design and manufacture of DAHLIA and LILAS is an unequivocal illustration.

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Canapé Vancouver conçu et fabriqué par Aréa mobilier urbain

Aréa puts aluminum in the public space

Resistant, light, durable, infinitely recyclable, elegant, noble, aesthetic, contrasting... The advantages of aluminum are numerous. Passionate about urban furniture, we have been innovating for 35 years in the service of public space and its users.


Street furniture changes scale

25 years after the introduction of the chaise longue into public urban space, a piece of street furniture like "escaping" from our gardens, Aréa now offers the XXL version. To be able to enjoy the closeness, the exchange, the conviviality as a couple or as a group without restrictions...

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