Free because responsible


Devoted to our approach, we surrounded ourselves with human skills and are equipped with the industrial means necessary to shape our ideas without any other constraints than those that we set ourselves. Among these, the desire to offer a fair price to the public procurement order.

Because, as with all urban furniture, the famous "public bench" is also a public good, paid for by everyone. For this reason, we set the price of our furniture in advance of their design specifications and manage the entire production and distribution cycle.

To simplify, lighten, streamline, optimize ... Written in the heart of Area's DNA, this approach has guided our organization in terms of distribution. We chose to do away with sale force or intermediary to deal directly from planner to planner. After having drawn, tested, modified, prototyped and manufactured our products in full, we distribute them with the same requirement of simplicity and exemplarity: no stock, no intermediary and price transparency.

Our know-how, industrial in some ways, handcrafted in others, is completely in phase with the original project of the company, deeply attached to human nature and uncompromising as to the exclusive valorization of the talents of our territory.

More than a requirement, the made in France is for us an evidence for over 30 years and a daily economic lifestyle. It is also a loyalty to "less is more" and to our attachment to proximity, quality and simplicity.



Noé, industry and light

This factory embodies our vision of industry: an environment where people enjoy coming to give the best of themselves and their know-how