In a way comparable to the child’s play, it is the imagination of the designer’s pencil that lets the user of the bench play with his environment..


The Lisbonne bench

By asking this young street artist to express her personal re-interpretation of the Lisbon bench, Laure and Gilles Boudou continued the work of collaborating with artists of all kinds, which had been initiated by their father, more than 35 years ago.

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“OUTDOOR", The book which was born indoors.

As pure coincidence, at a moment when access to public space is again undergoing major restrictions, Aréa presents "Outdoor". This book details, in pictures and in texts, the first month after the first TOULOUSE lockdown. 

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Oxygène range

Our OXYGENE range offers everyone for free to use an open-air gym in the heart of the city.

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Litter bin system

The litter bin is subject to several problems which deserve to be taken more seriously...

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Wishing, to fully enhance these advantages for the citizens‘ quality of life and for tourism purpose, the municipality lays in the hands of landscape architect Yannick Salliot the conceptualisation of an ambitious project to redesign the seaside promenade


Augmented reality

As a passionate and tireless observer of the city, Aréa has put on virtual reality glasses to "enrich" the user experience of citizens living in the public space.

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Another way to connect people together and create communities in a very real, spontaneous and natural manner.


Universal docking station

With Prague, we wanted to turn our backs on the accessory to get to the basics with a collection that "cultivates its garden" in the heart of cities. Available in armchairs, a backless bench and double bench, Prague offers a design whose purity directly benefits comfort and price. The result is furniture that reinvents the public bench in its most universal dimension.

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