From Brittany, motorcyclist, interested in everything, nothing holds him back. Meet Yann. Leaving the grey of the slate roofs behind, Yann makes his way south to discover the pink of the red-brick-city.


Stretched out on a chaise longue, like in a hermetic bubble right in the heart of public urban space, deeply immersed, with gentleness and joy, into the life of this unknown city that opens up in front of him. City maps, road maps, selected locations for sightseeing ... . He doesn't want to miss anything and therefore doesn't ignore any detail. 

And the opinions are unanimous: it is impossible to return without having enjoyed this view, visiting that historical monument, admiring this fresco and tasting that specialty and strolling over that picturesque square. .. 

He accepts the friendly help of a passer-by, who thought he was lost, and discovers the magic of Aréa's large chaise longue. 



Alone, two by two or as a group, to meet, or even better, to get lost... 


25 years after the introduction of the chaise longue into public urban space, a piece of street furniture like "escaping" from our gardens, Aréa now offers the XXL version. To be able to enjoy the closeness, the exchange, the conviviality as a couple or as a group without restrictions... 

By doubling its seat, this furniture offers more than just additional seating. Our Breton tourist will confirm this, the large bench certainly offers twice as much surface, but it is above all 5 times more an opinion, 10 times more life, 20 times more desire... The ideal place to find yourself... Or getting lost! 

Because this polite passer-by was followed by another, then another and another one ... And this micro-community of amateur tourist guides, enthusiastic and diverse, has completely confused Yann. The somehow unanimous opinions he had read unconsciously gave him the desire to feel more personal, subjective, deviant. .. . 

Without knowing it, Pauline, Dany, Enzo, Jean-Claude, Irina, Stanislas and Maguy (the dog) responded to this request. By turning his weekend getaway into almost a sabbatical year, which is necessary to see all the things he has been talking about... 

For Aréa, this new furniture allows its brand to go to the end of its search for comfort, social bonds and smiles in urban areas. And to reaffirm his conviction that the only social network of the future is called “human being”. 


N.B.: The use of a leek as a directional instrument is another of Yann's discoveries while resting on his chaise longue. Even Wales, which recognizes it as national emblem, hadn't thought of it... Another idea for a journey?


Available in 6 versions, the concept expands the field of installations and allows at this current point the development of tomorrow's public urban space as a living space, alone, as a couple or in groups.