Universal docking station

Democratic design

With Prague, we wanted to turn our backs on the accessory to get to the basics with a collection that "cultivates its garden" in the heart of cities. Available in armchair, bench and double bench, Prague offers a design whose purity directly benefits comfort and price. The result is furniture that reinvents the public bench in its most universal dimension.



With specifications that are as simple as they are drastic (economy, simplicity, adaptation to all styles of environment, robustness, comfort ...), Prague is the universal answer to all the problems of public spaces designers eager to combine form, function, quality and durability at an economical price.

It thus materializes a structuring axis of our work for 25 years: the attachment to democratic design.

Beautiful and simple, this element of furniture is remarkable by its discretion: it is not in aesthetic struggle with its environment but in valuation of it.


The slight tilt of its seat gives it ergonomics and comfort as recognizable as its design. A true sharing station where our citizens come to recharge their batteries at their own pace, Prague is THE universal bench for all communities.


Date : / Author : / Credit : E. Belondrade © Aréa